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Edward HoldenEdward Dominic Holden

I was born in Coventry, England, on October 21st, 1964, into an Irish Catholic family. (Eventually to become one of ten children.)

My childhood was wonderful. We had very little and yet everything we needed. Personally, I still think having real butter on toast is a luxury. And don’t tell me it isn’t because that’s one of MY happy childhood memories.

Naturally, when I was old enough to leave home, I did. I basically ran away to Spain. Thank you, Elton John 😀

Songs and their lyrics have always accompanied me in life. They have guided me in my search for a home. Together we have gone from the mountains of Nepal to the California sun. At present, I am in Austria, and naturally looking forward to updating this page. Thank you, Lee Marvin 😀

Originally, I started writing as a means to send money home - hidden safely between the pages. This soon became a routine and forced me to write each week. I wasn’t being a hero or a great son, I simply had more money than what I needed. I've never been in love with money. This does not mean I didn’t imagine my mum buying herself something she wanted - this was my reward. It also taught me to write consistently. Every week I had to have a chapter ready. It didn’t, however, teach me how to spell or grammar. Fortunately, though, Windows came along and helped me here. :D

Today, I still write but no longer send money home. Now I write, not in the hope to get rich but to earn a little to ease my workload. There is no fun in being rich and famous and dead. Now would be a pretty good time to have cash in my pocket, to be able to sit outside a café and watch people walk by, without having to worry if I can afford a second cup. I am not complaining, as I know I am not alone with such issues – it’s just what I hope my writing will bring. .

All in all, my life has been pretty wonderful, and music has been my lifelong friend. Sometimes, when I watch an old music video – Blondie Denis, for example, my heart warms and I remember how I felt as a young boy with my first-ever crush! Most songs remind me of some part of my life. It’s my photo album.

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