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The Fairest of Them All




Edward HoldenEdward Dominic Holden

Born in Coventry, England on October 21st 1964, into an irish catholic family, (eventually to become one of ten children) it was not surprising that I left home at an early age to find my own space.

This search has brought me from the mountains of Nepal to the California sun.

If I have learnt anything from this, is still yet to be seen.

Until recently I believed the main reason why I wrote short stories was because I honestly couldn't write a lengthy one. This has proven itself to be incorrect. I write fairytales because I want children to have a happy childhood. Not everyone gets this, which is very sad.

Apart from writing, I have spent most of my nights playing the piano. I am seriously bad at it too, but good enough for your regular hotel piano bar. This may sound rude to those musicans who are really good and play hotel bars but it's not, as we have all met the really bad hotel bar players.
I'm just one of them.

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