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The Fairest of Them All



The sculpture is an unusal piece even to me, sometimes looking beautiful and then the next ugly.

The idea of the hands was inspired by Camille Claudel. While the rose has been taken from the story ' The Little Prince ' written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Unfortunately, when the rose was complete, not only was it colored, but also placed in the wrong position. Originally it had been a prop to hold the left hand up. Perhaps one day I will put it back to its orignal place.

fairest of them all Ember Three shoes in a pair The Whole Half

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The idea behind the book and sculpture was to make a bridge between 'art' as in painting, and writing. Buying a first edtion book never reaches the same prestige levels as buying an original lithograph. By using the internet to allow my books to be downloaded, while a limtied edition of paperbooks are made I create this effect.