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The Fairest of Them All

The Fairest of Them All



The fairest of them all

I am GoD revelationsStalker or Lover?

This is the second part of I am GoD, an adventure two hundred years in the future. It is closer to the style of Voltaire as anything else I have written.

“I know you’re there,” Evylin whispered, staring out into the darkness. “I can feel you.”

At the end of the third turn, a flickering, distant light appeared. It was GoD, she was sure of it. She also knew she had to hurry...

Half virus, half avatar, George put down
his bow. All around him swirled a thick, impenetrable wall of snow. He stared out at the young polar bear, wondering if had he done the right thing.

Jessie squealed.
She loved Alice in Wonderland, the idea of the ‘not my birthday’ party, was brilliant - almost as brilliant as her plan. The tattoo was just the beginning!

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