The Fairest of Them All
Three Shoes In A Pair
The Whole Half

The Fairest of Them All




Here are a few books or artists who, at the moment I am reading or admiring.

Edward HoldenThe Shack

This book offers a new, modern veiw about God and the Trinity. All born again christians and other converted believers in god, will probably say it's nothing new, but I am not converted. I was glad to find something that didn't try to sell Jesus.

Edward HoldenFactory Girls

This the second book is not so much of a story but a report about the migrant workers of China. It gives in an insight into the chinese way of thinking and, how the poorer people live. Hopefully one day it will be more of a history report than actual.

Edward HoldenThe Picture Of Dorian Gray

This is one of those classics that I missed as a child. It is recently been made into a film again.

...I'll read the book first and then watch the film.

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