The Fairest of Them All
I am GoD Connecting
I am GoD Revelations
I am GoD Indigenous
I am GoD Adam
Three Shoes In A Pair
The Whole Half

The Fairest of Them All



This sculpture was by far the most demanding. The clay version was sent to the refinery after months of work, only to receive a phone call a few months later saying that the clay had been too dry and the wax model was a mess.
As you can see I have repaired it, and sent it back.
It has been as difficult to make as the book.

fairest of them all Ember Three shoes in a pair The Whole Half

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The idea behind the book and sculpture was to make a bridge between 'art' as in painting, and writing. Buying a first edtion book never reaches the same prestige levels as buying an original lithograph. By using the internet to allow my books to be downloaded, while a limtied edition of paperbooks are made I create this effect.