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The Whole Half

The Whole Half

The whole fun I think about writing a story is, the actual writing of it. I have laughed at my own jokes, (who cares if thats a bad sign.)
I have spent hours trying to write a fairytale that made sense.
The title alone shows this.

It is the second book in the triology of 'The Three'
(something which left me feeling it had to better than the first. Personally I just think it's different.) Of course the characters have aged but here again I am fortunate as children change rapidly while adults kind of gracefully slip into being 'older' adults.

But please, do not think you must download and read the books in a certain order, as each story stands alone.
I find this important as when I am travelling (by train or plane) I always go to the bookshop...
I hate picking up books which need others. It makes the journey even harder.

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