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The fairest of them all

I am GoD EI8HTMassacre

This is the fourth part of I am GoD, an adventure two hundred years in the future. As the story grows I find myself enjoying it more and more. I keep rereading parts one and two to avoid any mistakes.

'He was obviously showing everyone else he was not afraid of the demon. The warriors called them the Star People, evil spirits, haunting the land, and in the beginning, they had run from them, in fear, terrified as they dissipated. Now they were stronger, braver, drinking the blood of their enemy, making them like them!

the spider-like leader once more sprang to the front, moving in that circus-freak fashion, empathized by the markings on his body. Only this time he did not slash her, but cut deep into her thigh, slicing part of her leg away. Then, to George’s horror, he ate it, letting the blood drip from his mouth.

George carefully selected two arrows from his quiver. One for the avatar and one for the NPC who again was racing across the floor on all fours. He would shoot him first!'

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