The Fairest of Them All
Three Shoes In A Pair
The Whole Half

The Fairest of Them All



Three Shoes In A Pair

Deep within the forest, where the Yggdrasil, the Acacia, and the Bodi tree grows, stands the Welig tree. Unlike the other trees however, it neither grows up or outwards, but hangs like the willow. Perhaps it is the forefather of all willows. Its branches twist in on themselves, splitting time and light. It is here where the dragons live and the phoenix comes to rest. It is here that all magical creatures great and small can be found. It is here, that fairytales are born and told, for the Welig tree is the tree of life, of all magical things…
It is springtime.

A young sun shines down upon the trees of the forest. A wind blows, tossing the fallen leaves of the past. The branches of the welig tree tap together like they are whispering. Something is about to happen, for there at the end of one such branch three small red-green buds have grown.
It is time, it is their time.

The sunlight gently touches their frail form. Slowly one by one the buds open…

The First, The Second and The Third.

Chapter One
Not Witches

It was definitely not a meeting - and certainly not a secret one. Okay, so they hadn't actually told anyone, but that still didn't make it a secret. Meeting in secrecy was what witches did; they were renowned for their meetings and meddling. They were not witches.