The Fairest of Them All
Three Shoes In A Pair
The Whole Half

The Fairest of Them All




Another important aspect of life is sex, or to be more precise, our sexual hormones. Even the slightest imbalance creates a multitude of attitudes and needs, that all require satisfaction.

Sex and religion go to form the landscape of life. The church had designed David's world.

David had been born into a strict and vibrant Catholic society, where the belief in Hell's fire was branded onto a child's soul along with the sign of the cross that was given at its christening.

So for David there was no escape, getting divorced was his subscription fee to eternal damnation, even if he was technically not to blame. He had applied for it, and that was enough.

The truth was that his ex-wife had used the marriage as her ticket to the West and freedom. All her friends had done the same, except their husbands had known about the legal deception.

Ironically the Berlin Wall, the symbol of separation, fell in the following year. His wife thereupon changed her plans accordingly.


Thing smiled at his reflection in the mirror that he had found some six months earlier.
Someone had thrown it out because it was broken in seven pieces, giving a rather fractured view of the world.Thing liked that. It normally stood in the corner of his room covered with a piece of old sackcloth, but not today, today was different.

Today Thing wanted to make sure he looked his best, so he needed the mirror's help.