The Fairest of Them All
Three Shoes In A Pair
The Whole Half

The Fairest of Them All




EmberPart One

"Mirror, mirror, tell me straight, am I the mistress of my fate?"

Of course the mirror didn't answer. For it wasn't a magical mirror, even though the young girl who asked was indeed a princess.

Ember stood in front of the tall and ornate mirror in her bedroom and looked critically at her nose from the left side and then the right. Despite what anyone else told her, she felt her nose was simply too big.

It was a royal nose obviously, and was supposed to be notable, even prominent, but still it would have been just as regal if it were a little bit smaller.Thus annoyed at her nose and promising herself, once more, to get it fixed the moment she was old enough, she hurried downstairs.

Ember was late again for breakfast. And, as if to punish her nose for causing her delay, she pointed it haughtily at the servants she passed, as though daring them to make a comment.

"Even if it were twice as big," she thought conceitedly. "it would still be the prettiest nose in the kingdom!"


To say that life is what you make of it is correct, but not complete. Life is also what it makes of you. A major part of this is religion. Throughout history people have killed and died for the things they have believed in. Faith has written many of history's great love stories and some of its most horrendous scenes.